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(also known as the “listserve”)

Did you know that every week, usually on Wednesday afternoon, Marlene in the Conference Office produces a list of announcements known as Conference Announcements (also called the Conference “listserve”)?

If you are not now receiving this important updating of Conference events and activities and would like to be included in the database, send Marlene an e-mail at inf… and she will be happy to add your e-mail address to the list of recipients.

Note that during the months of July and August each year the service may be sporadic due to staff vacations and lack of announcements.

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  1. 12-11-2018

    Bethany United Church, Halifax, is currently searching for a Finance Officer. This is a part time position (10 to 12 days a month) to maintain and control the accounting system of Bethany United Church, within the framework of the approved budgets. This includes, but is not limited to, general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable. For more information on this position, please check the Bethany United Church website ( ), or contact