Posted on Nov 12, 2012 in United Church Men

There are two forms of recognition for men’s work in Maritime Conference:

1. Award of Exceptional Merit (AEM): To recognize [living] United Church men who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and activity in working with men of the church over many years. 

2. Honour Roll (HR): Exactly the same criterion, but for United Church men who are deceased. 

Last Name First Address AEM HR
Boates Randall O’Leary PEI 2006
Boutilier Alfred Dartmouth NS 2006
Brown Fred Fredericton NB 2006 2010
Charlton Dick Dartmouth NS 2012
Clarke Henry Winsloe PEI 2008
Collicott Wendell Fredericton NB 2010 2012
Crowell Major Osborne Halifax NS 2008
Crowell Maurice O Halifax NS 2008
Currie Otis Fredericton NB 2006
D’Arcy Glen Saint John NB 2010
Dillman Wilfred Dartmouth NS 2006
Farquharson Sandy Dartmouth NS 2006
Ferguson Tom Trenton NS 2008
Foster Paul Florenceville NB 2008
Gillis Iver Sydney River NS 2014
Harris Lorimer Charlottetown PEI 2002 2006
Hildebrand John, Sr Fredericton NB 2006
Hill Don Dartmouth NS 2008
Hill D Gordon Sydney NS 2006
Inglis Judge Robert Halifax NS 2008
Jones Wilson Pictou NS 2008
Kean Rev Heber Fredericton NB 2006
Keizer Lester Charlottetown PEI 2006
Leadbeater Mac Marion Bridge 2014
Lockhart David Coleman PEI 2006
MacDonald A Bruce Sydney NS 2006 2014
MacDonald Mackie Sydney NS 2006
MacKinnon Allison Charlottetown PEI 2006
MacLeod Alec Fredericton NB 2008 2010
MacNair Jack Charlottetown PEI 2006
MacVicar Sterling Sydney River NS 2012
Maybee Gordon Debert NS 2010
McNabb D’Arcy Glace Bay NS 2006
Miles David Springhill NS 2006
Murphy Harry Halifax NS 2008
Murphy David Charlottetown PEI 2006
Murray A Peter Sydney NS 2002
Naugler Laurie Halifax NS 2012
Parker Howard Halifax NS 2010 2014
Poole Gordon Truro NS 2008
Price Dow Keswick Ridge NB 2004
Proud Willard Kingston PEI 2006
Quigley John W Kingsport NS 2008 2010
Robb Dr Ian Halifax NS 2004 2006
Sams Ralph Dartmouth NS 2004
Scribner Jack Fredericton NB 2006
Williams Jim Charlottetown PEI 2006
Woods Rev Doug Charlottetown PEI 2006
Wright Glenn C Moncton NB 2008
Yeo Lloyd Charlottetown PEI 2006