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The archivist in me was super excited when I stumbled across the following document. And yes, the words archivist and excitement can occur in the same sentence…

This is an inventory of the furniture of the Methodist manse in Liverpool in 1842 and was found in the Liverpool Methodist Circuit Quarterly Official Board minute book (1817-1870). If you’ve spent many late nights puzzling over what the sorts of furniture would be found in a manse in 1842, today is your lucky day!

Inventory of Liverpool Methodist manse, 1842, p. 1


Inventory of Liverpool Methodist manse, 1842, p. 2


  1. 11-20-2013

    This is wonderful to read. I am especially curious about the references to items being “old”. I wonder if this means the items are in a somewhat decrepit state and needing repair or whether it might simply mean the item was donated some length of time before.
    I agree archivist and excitement do go together, in fact when exciting finds show up, it makes being an archivist a wonderful occupation.

  2. 11-21-2013

    I think I would have to spend many nights puzzling over the writing!
    Thanks, Sarah!

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