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Summer sheetsOpening Scripture in FRESH Ways

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Ten preachers and teachers offer their insights on scripture.
Each beautifully designed sheet offers a creative reflection on a scripture story, evocative questions for discussion, and an inspiring image.


Use Summer Sheets

  • To start conversations around decks & pool-side in summer gatherings.
  • As a basis for planning summer worship.
  • An opening for meetings.
  • A resource for a small group bible study.
  • For personal meditation


$10 to Download (you will receive an email with a link and password to a private page on our website where you can download, save, share (on your pastoral charge), and save the sheets.

$15 for Colour Print Copies to be mailed to you (with permission for print for pastoral charge use.)

Questions?  Please contact Janice MacLean at EMAIL or Telephone 506 536 1334 x4

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