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The announcements for this week include:

  1. Financial Services Investment Certificates
  2. Stories of Faith on YouTube
  3. Come Walk the Labyrinth
  4. Like Us on Face Book
  5. Find Yourself at Camp This Summer!
  7. Mi’kmaw Herbal Healing workshop at Tatamagouche Centre

1.  Financial Services Investments

Financial Services, Maritime Conference UCC, Inc. is currently accepting new monies for their two year deposit investment certificates, for a limited time.  Attached is a letter from Financial Services enclosing information regarding these investments.

2.  Stories of Faith on YouTube

Some of the stories of faith shared the recent Annual Meeting are now available on our YouTube channel.

  • Steven Reid
  • Andy O’Neill
  • Lori Crocker

I’ve gathered them in a playlist and you can access them here:

3.  Come Walk the Labyrinth

A cloth labyrinth has made its way to the Conference Office and for the next little while is set up in the meeting room. If you live nearby or are passing through come in! Make a journey using this ancient spiritual practice. If you would be interested in a day-long labyrinth retreat in the fall, let Janice know. Email:

4.  Like Us on Face Book

Join us on the Conference Face Book site. We share current news, events, interesting links to read and pictures of all the birthday cakes we eat! Click here:

5.  Find Yourself at Camp This Summer!

Summer camp is a great way for young people to grow in their faith.  Encourage children and youth you know to consider attending one of our camps in Maritime Conference this summer.  Find a poster you can forward and links to camp websites here:


Connect youth to “GO” this summer!  The GO Project offers opportunities to serve and learn and deepen their faith through 11-day residential experiences across the country.

Explore the options –

7.  Mi’kmaw Herbal Healing workshop at Tatamagouche Centre

July 4-6, Fri 7 pm to Sun 1 pm

Identify, gather and prepare herbal medicines with traditional Mi’kmaq Elder Judy Googoo.


“I have really benefited from learning something about Aboriginal history and customs.” – 2013 participant  

“I especially enjoyed Judy’s total comfort with what she does. It is so obvious to me that she uses the plants all the time.” – 2012 participant  

Program Details:

Contact Tatamagouche Centre: or 1-800-218-2220

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  1. 6-18-2014

    Is there more to this than is shown here? I am at a loss as to where the connection to the Christian tradition is found within this session. It has been many years since I have had the opportunity to attend any functions at our Tatamagouche facility. Has it been turned into a rentable/useable space for general use by any group that needs the facility be they secular or from other faiths? Perhaps if the UCC and this Conference in particular were to stand back and revisit our call as a Christian entity we might not be in the troubles we have found ourselves involved in. Isn,t it time we started serving God again and let the people we minister to know they also are called to His table as opposed to just throwing the doors open and putting their rent in our coffers?

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