Posted on Nov 9, 2015 in Events, Notices

Leaving a Church Building?

Heritage quilt picture

If your community of faith is saying good-bye to a building, consider requesting “The Heritage Quilt” and accompanying materials to help honour the sacred memories that have been created in that place.  It has been on display at the Maritime Conference Centre for the last three years but has recently been taken down and is packed and ready to travel.  The quilt is available to borrow anytime.  Direct your inquiries to or 506-536-1334.


  1. 7-12-2016

    and what will become of the real stained glass windows and the rich woodworking and the love that built the building, evident in fine craftsmanship? How are congregations being reassured, and how is the church doing something for the community, not just the United community, but the community which it called home all these years?

  2. 8-24-2016

    The circumstances of each church building that closes is unique and special. Sometimes it means that a ministry has come to an end, sometimes it means that the ministry has changed. The decisions are carefully and prayerfully made by the people who have been empowered to make them. Presbytery and Conference offer what assistance they can, but the details still have to be worked out by the people who are closest to the situation. If you have concerns about a specific church building, or are looking for assistance with a particular situation, please contact Executive Secretary David Hewitt at or 506-536-1334.