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The following is a photograph of the interior of Trinity United Church in Mahone Bay, NS decorated for fall and/or Thanksgiving in 1936.

V-21-583 Interior of Trinity United Church, Mahone Bay, 1936

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  1. 11-10-2018

    I remember the first Thanksgiving on my settlement charge. One of the churches was in a farming community and there was a bountiful display of fruits and vegetables at the front of the church. And I mean bountiful! Bushel baskets of potatoes, squash, pumpkins, etc. After the service they said it was all for me. I was not only flabbergasted but wondered how in the world I would use it all. Being a bachelor who wasn’t into a lot of cooking, it looked rather daunting. I hope I didn’t seem ungrateful when I suggested that we donate most of it to the local hospital.