Contrast: A Photo Essay

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A Photo Essay exploring the experience of depression, shared by Rhonda Schofield.

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Communicating with Compassion

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“”Communicating with Compassion””, a DVD program which is an inspiring training or refresher course for volunteers, staff and families. This program, with its leader guide and handouts, is also suitable for orientation sessions for pastoral care visiting teams. In this 40-minute video, Karen Fox explains a step-by-step method for communicating with people who are ill, injured, isolated, or in distress. Karen demonstrates, using real situations, four key communication skill that empower, encourage, bring hope and lift the spirit. The leader’s guide outlines a...

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CONVERSATIONS AT THE WELL (A play written by Rick Prashaw)

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Imagine a conversation on justice between two people, one pegged as a “”right-wing hang-em high fanatic”” and the other, a “”left-wing bleeding heart liberal””. Imagine that talk taking place with each one quoting the Bible to support their beliefs on God’s justice. Welcome to “”just that”” – Conversations at the Well, – a play written by Rick Prashaw of The Church Council on Justice and Corrections. You soon will be meeting Rick and Steph, two very ordinary young people whose lives and family...

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