Healing Soul Pain

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HEALING SOUL PAINDifficult and traumatic life events leave us feeling broken and incomplete, searching and longing for the deep inner healing we know is required. While models for helping offer support and coping strategies, they generally fail in the provision of healing soul’s anguish, leaving many to believe that inner healing is unattainable. This DVD presents a model for healing. It clearly portrays that soul healing is possible, that rapid transformation follows, that the effects are sustained and that the methods demonstrated for HEALING SOUL PAIN can be easily learned and...

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Healing Spirit explores the human journey through life and death, illness and healing. It poses the idea that wellness is more than just the absence of disease; that healing goes deeper than simply curing symptoms. Each of us houses our own source of healing. The film shows how different people have connected with that inner spirit. We see women and men suffering from ailments as diverse as depression and AIDS, and physicians practicing both conventional and holistic medicine. Their experience and reflections extend into areas outside the domain of modern...

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