To get a list of People whose last name starts with a particular letter just click on the desired letter.  The number in brackets beside each letter indicates the number of People in the Directory whose name starts with that letter.  When you want to view the details about a person click on that person’s name.

To navigate to a particular Directory Org click on the  arrow to drill down and “open up” that Directory Org, or on the name of the Directory Org to see a list of  all people in that Directory Org.

When you are viewing a list of People (e.g. by clicking on a Directory Org name) you will also be given the option to filter by the first letter of the Last Name.  For example you could click on the  beside Roll of Conference and then click on Ministry Personnel to see a paged list of all People in this Directory Org.  In the resulting screen you could then click on “W” at the top to see only Ministry Personnel whose last name starts with W.