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    Anyone have experience with trying to connect an older youth group with a younger youth group? We have our ages divided as grade 6-8, 9-12 and are having trouble with the older group wanting to do anything with the younger.

    Specifically, sleepover type events. We simply don’t have time to host 2 separate events (… as much as I’d love to sleep on the church floor once in one month… haha)

    Any advice? What do other groups do to handle this?

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    We have a similar age split in our youth. Our current youth group is for grades 7-12. We found grade 6 was just too young and it didn’t work. I know it seems like just a year, but making the entry grade 7 made a huge difference for us. The other thing we’re doing now is intentionally creating opportunities for the younger and older youth to work alongside each other. And our youth group works with our elementary kids so that by the time they reach the youth group age they have already formed a bond and already know each other. Examples of how we do this in a practical way: our youth group are junior leaders at VBS, teach Sunday School, volunteer in our nursery, participate in Family Worship and Christmas Concerts with all ages of kids, lead the games at the church picnic, etc. We encourage mentorship of our younger youth by our older youth as well.

    All that being said, we do find that the older the kids get the busier they get with school, part-time jobs, etc and so we don’t always get as much participation from them because of that.

    I hope that helps.

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