Opening Worship Remembering and Honouring 90 years (2015-05-28)

Thursday Archival Photo Slides (2015-05-28) (These are in a Public Dropbox folder right now. Anyone with the link should have access.)

That All May Be…Affirming (2015-05-29 Worship & Theme)

That All May Be…Changing  (2015-05-30 Comprehensive Review Worship and Theme)

Vignette 1: That all may be Uniting

Vignette 2: That all may be Building

Vignette 3: That all may be Including

Vignette 4: That all may be Engaging

Vignette 5: That all may be CHANGING

Observer Cover Video   for use with Vignette 4 – That All May Be Engaging

Celebration of Ministry (2015-05-31)

Worship stories by youth

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