At the 43rd General Council it was agreed to move The United Church of Canada to a three-council model from the former four-council model. Sixteen Regions have been determined. The Region 15 (Bermuda and Nova Scotia) Transition Commission will function as the Executive of the Regional Council from Jan. 1, 2019 until such time as the  Regional Council meets and elects a new Executive.  Until the, the Region Transition Commission will make decisions on such items that are necessary to allow for the immediate functioning of the Regional Council on Jan. 1. This place, on the Maritime Conference website, has been provided in order to keep United Church people in Region 15 updated on the progress of the Region 15 Transition Commission as we carry on our exciting and important work.

Region 15 Progress Notes July 9 2018

Region 15 Transition Commission Notes Aug. 7 2018

Staffing Announcement for Region 15

Region 15 Transition Commission Notes Sept.10 2018

Region 15 Transition Commission Letter for Presbyteries Sept. 2018

October Meeting of Regions 14 15 16

Note to Presbyteries Synod December 2018

Region 15 Transition Commission meeting minutes Nov. 17 2018

RC15 Minutes Nov 17, 2018

Christmas Message to Region 15


Region 15 Division and Committee Directory

Region 15 Governance Handbook v1.21 (May 23, 2019) – Click here to watch the training video on the Region 15 Governance Handbook.

RC15 Minutes Jan 15, 2019

Pastoral Charge Supervision Policy Feb 2019

RC15 Minutes Feb 5, 2019

RC15 Minutes Feb 19, 2019

RC15Minutes March 5, 2019

RC15 Minutes March 19, 2019

RC15 Minutes April 2, 2019

RC15 Minutes April 16, 2019

Directory of Committees – Regional Council 15 (May 23, 2019)