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HUMAN COST BEHIND BARGAIN SHOPPING - Dateline hidden camera investigation in Bangladesh - By Chris Hansen and Richard Greenberg - Dateline NBC - Updated: 9:27 p.m. ET June 17, 2005. We love a deal, and these days, thanks to the fast-paced global marketplace and big discount retailers, products are better and cheaper than ever. But what price do people in faraway places pay so we can get their bargains in stores like Wal-Mart? Many clothes are foreign-made in Bangladesh. It's no secret to shoppers that cheaper labor is why they are made overseas. Consumers have come to expect those low prices to make ends meet. Dateline investigates what's behind the bargains shoppers count on. With hidden cameras we'll find out who sews those pants, and under what conditions. We'll see how problematic it can be for companies to monitor the working conditions in foreign factories they don't control, where factory owners are under pressure to keep costs down, while still treating workers fairly. Two shoppers at Wal-Mart, Vilma Matera and her sister-in-law Peggy Rocciola, are invited to take a look at the results of the investigation. Bangladesh, where those pants are made, is halfway around the globe, and to us it can seem a universe away. It's a mostly Muslim country next door to India, where a handful of rich are surrounded by masses of poor. It's the most densely populated country in the world, a land overwhelmed by seasonal floods and frequent disasters.

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