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You asked for it and it's here! The popular Questions of Faith format made especially for high school and college students. This series of six programs features twenty articulate and thoughtful young people talking about their beliefs and values. What they say will prompt your group to talk about what they believe and how they make their choices.  

  • What's God Like?: What's your idea of God? When do you feel closest to God? What's your idea of Jesus? What's most important about Jesus--his life and teachings or his death and resurrection?
  • How Do You Deal With Drugs?: Are there drugs and alcohol in your school? How do you decide about using drugs or drinking? How does your faith help you? What if a friend pressures you?
  • What is Sin?: What's a sin? Where does evil come from? Do you believe we're born in sin?
  • What's a Friend?: How do you choose friends? How does a friend act? How do you relate to someone different?
  • What About Sex?: Is there too much emphasis on sex? What do you think God thinks about sex? When is it right to have sex? What about AIDS?
  • What Can the Church Do About the Future?: What do you think the world will be like in 100 years? What can the church do about the earth's future? If you ran the church, how would you change it?

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