SPIRIT CONNECTION – December 2006 Compilation (DVD)

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December 3, 2006: Community Violence
From paramilitary violence in Colombia to school shootings in Canada, the church finds itself on the front lines. This program provides an update on what churches locally and internationally are doing to respond and what is needed to help stop upheaval in communities. This program includes a story about how the church helped Montreal residents put the September 2006 Dawson College shootings into a faith context. Also included is a story from Latin America, in which a community comes to grips with the loss of their young people through paramilitary ferocity. We also include an interview about Project Ploughshares' initiative to rally Canadians to find ways to reduce violence worldwide and to press for government control of small arms.

December 10, 2006: Beyond Grief
The journey from grief and loss to healing is a personal one, but it can also be shared, particularly when a person is part of a nurturing community of faith and friends. In 1990, Father Michael Lapsley, then a university chaplain at the height of apartheid in South Africa, received a letter bomb which not only caused severe physical and emotional damage, but also changed the course of his life. The Rev.Jamie Holtom tells of an unimaginable loss and his courageous path to recovery.

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