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Where Our Treasure Is Detailed overview of  issues relating to gold mining in Guatemala and the United Church Pension investment.  Prepared by the Mining the Connections Working Group of the Church in Action Committee of Maritime Conference.

Where Our Treasure Is

Where Our Treasure Is  gives background and explains the ethical reasons why this working group has been urging the Pension Board of the United Church to divest its shares in Goldcorp, Inc.


Click below to watch videos interviewing  Bishop Alvaro Ramazzini  or Sister Maudilla Lopez, from partner organizations in Guatemala.


Read Reflections from Mining Study Tour in Guatemala.

See also Open Letter regarding Divestment from Goldcorp  Spring 2015


GC42 Goldcorp Divestment Proposal FAQ

Mining the Connections Responses to the United Church of Canada Pension Board Report to GC42

An aboriignal perspective on mining in Guatemala


Also available is a 3 minute video Message to Canadian Churches, with Ana Guadalupe


  1. 10-30-2013

    Keep the passion for social justice, for

  2. 12-6-2013

    I do not feel good about a pension that is built on unjust and exploitative relationships.

  3. 12-7-2013

    Minerals like gold are obtained by brutal force . Poor farmers have there land expropriated against their will. The gold is dug-up from under ground, destroying fast tracks of land and millions of gallons of water. The gold is then melted into goldbricks and sold to the rich. The rich bury the gold under ground in the cellars !!!!!!!

    • 12-7-2013

      I am not interested in moderation of the truth

  4. 1-28-2015

    I have signed the petition because my faith tells me that we are to be in solidarity with those who are oppressed.

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