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Does being ""old"" mean that a person is lonely, isolated, in frail health and at the end of their lives? Not according to this delightful and heartwarming video. This study shows a different perspective of what it really means to be ""old"", challenging viewers to rethink their attitudes and beliefs about aging. Through on-camera interviews with seniors, experience seniors who are living happy, healthy and independent lives. While not ignoring the realities of aging, the film presents a much more upbeat vision of the new realities facing today's older adults.

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ResourceRecordID: 1370

Call No.: VD1230

Resource Name: View from the Inside: Older Adults

Total Copies: 1

Core?: FALSE

RunningTime: 21 mins


DepositedBy: Maritime Conference


Producer: Ecufilm


Value: 50.00

DateFiled: 2007-09-18


Captioned?: FALSE

Inactive?: FALSE


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