Niigaanibatowaad: Front Runners

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At a special ceremony at the opening of the 1989 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba, seven First Nations men in their fifties entered the stadium in war canoes. One of them held the Games torch. In 1967 when Winnipeg first hosted the Pan Am Games, ten outstanding athletic teenage boys were choosen to run 800 kilometres over an ancient message route with the Games torch. When the runners arrived at the stadium, they were not allowed to enter with the torch. Instead, a non-Aboriginal runner was given the honour. Thirty-two years later, the province of Manitoba issued an official apology. Nine...

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This video, produced through the Progressive Muslim Association of Ontario, the Durham School Board, and Durham Police Force explores issues and stereotypes that we are confronted with in our everyday lives. A group consisting of Christians and Muslims, lay and clerics, police and teachers, as well as youth, guide us through sections on aspects of Islam including jihad, the role of women; racism and societal responses. Each section can be used separately for discussion.

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