Peace Tree (The)

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PEACE TREE (THE) DVD This film shares the story of two little girls, one Christian and one Muslim, who both dream of celebrating each other’s festivals, Christmas and Eid, but run into problems at home trying to convince their families that it’s really all about peace. So they create a Peace Tree, a tree that highlights the symbols of all our cultures and faiths on one tree to reflect the beauty of ‘diversity in unity’. The film has inspired many new peace initiatives including Peace Tree Day which is observed on June 1st. For suggestions of activities see...

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Pilgrimage Towards Right Relationships

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Relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada are incredibly complex, little known or understood and often trigger intense emotion. This is particularly true about the Indian Residential Schools and their legacy. How did this come to be and what can we learn? This is what a small group of volunteers set out to unravel. Working ecumenically, and with a great deal of assistance from area churches, the planning team drew their faith and the wisdom contained in 1996 Report to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples to organize gatherings called Nurturing Deep...

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